Why Play Tournament Poker?

Tournament-style poker is a popular way to play online poker. But why? In tournament poker, all players enter for the same amount of money; this is called the buy-in. The poker room or casino takes a percentage of the buy-in from each player. All players start the game with an equal amount of chips, known as the stack. As the tournament progresses the stakes required are raised, the frequencies of these raises are different to each tournament and are detailed before the start of the game. The tournament ends when one player has all the chips. The payout structure is dependent on the type of tournament. For example, if there was 100 players there would be a payout for the top 10 players such as 30% for first, followed by 20%, 13%, 10%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, and 2% respectively.

So what are the benefits of tournament poker as opposed to other variants? In tournament-style poker, the stakes are raised periodically which eventually forces players to take action. Knowing there is no chance to buy their way back in, this increases the excitement of the game and sees a constant shift of players. The structure of tournament poker also sees many more ‘all-in’ situations, often before all the cards are even dealt.

Knowing that there is a payout for runners up also means short-stacked players can adopt a new strategy focusing on survival for as long as possible as opposed to going for the win! Tournament poker is a fun, exciting and ever-popular way to play poker online.

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