Trouble Hands

Trouble hands, we’ve all had them and we continue to get them. Just what can you do with a 3 of hearts and 9 of spades? However, learning how to play trouble hands when it seems your opponents are having great hand after great hand will stand you in good stead for improving our overall game and ultimately winning!

Trouble hand can be separated into two categories: early trouble hands and late trouble hands. Early trouble hands are those troublesome hands you get early on in the game when stakes and blinds are low and cash pots are pretty much equal. Early trouble hands should simply be folded; you won’t lose much as the game is in its infancy.

However late trouble hands is a different kettle of fish entirely. What you do with trouble hands later in the tournament will depend on your chip stack. Once the blinds are high, especially if they are high relative to your stack, you definitely cannot afford to throw away hands every time. If there is a raise in front of you, and your stack is big enough to allow you some play, it’s fine to fold these hands, but if you’re stack is dwindling, or if you get one of these hands in late position late in the poker tournament, you may want to raise with a trouble hand. This may win you the pot right away as a lot of players may be trying to move up towards the money and not challenge you, or you may get action, but at the very least it will define your hand, so you will have a better idea how to proceed on later streets – a sound poker strategy.

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