Stealing Blinds in No Limit Texas Hold’Em

Stealing blinds is a great way to prolong your life when the chips are down so to speak! By stealing small amounts on a regular basis, you will see your stack increase and allow you take a stronger stance in the game.

So what exactly is stealing the blinds?

In Texas Hold Em there are obligatory bets that must be placed called ‘big blind’ and ‘small blind’ which are placed by the two players left of the dealer to for the initial cash pot. Stealing these blinds serves two purposes. Firstly, you increase your own stack and secondly reduce the stack of your opponents.

How to steal the blinds?

To steal the blinds, you must raise your bet before the flop, to ensure your opponents drop out. If you are in an early position, bet more than the minimum and if you are in a middle to late position try multiplying the minimum bet by two. In other words, bet aggressively to ensure you steal the blind.

The strategy of stealing blinds

By being one of the last players to bet in a particular round you are in a great position to utilise the strategy of stealing blinds in No Limit Texas Hold’Em. If most of the players have folded before the betting action reaches you, you can dominate the game and steal the blinds. If however, you are in a weak position, take an aggressive stance and go all-in to steal the blinds and reduce your opponent’s stacks.

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