Poker Bluffing

First things first, when it comes to online poker the first thing you must learn is how to play your hand. Once you’ve grasped this however, you can take on the fascinating element of learning how to play your opponent, in other words poker bluffing.

The first thing to understand is that bluffing is not about the cards you hold in the slightest, a cash pot can be won without a showdown and with no hands being shown at all.

Initially, try not to bluff and instead stay out of trouble whilst observing the style of play of your opponents. This will ensure you acquire some initial observations that will help you to develop some bluffing skills.

You should study the hand histories of all the hands you win without a showdown. In a lot of these hands you probably had a great hand, and you would have loved to get called. But unfortunately they all folded before it came to a showdown. Instead of getting cut up about not getting the payday your hand deserved, you should realise that you would have won the pot with any two hole cards by performing the same betting sequence. Try and do the same betting sequence next time the situation occurs, and see how it goes. Remember that you don't have to succeed every time to make a profit from bluffing. And keep taking out hand histories, and make some thorough analysis of what caused your opponents to fold in each situation.

By doing this for a while you'll gradually improve your bluffing skills. Also you will find out which factors are affecting the likelihood of a bluff succeeding.

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