Poker - A game of skill?

The debate as to whether online poker is a game of skill or chance has been raging for years and is a popular topic for poker players the world over. We often hear stories of poker players winning million pound prizes after limited experience or previous winnings in the game. But all in all, there are several skills that need to be mastered to generally become a top poker player.

One skill vital to every top player is the ability to quickly work things out in their mind as well as an in depth knowledge of the game. This already will keep you one step ahead of your opponents.

Knowing how and when to bluff is key to every great winner. Bluff too often and you’ll be found out! Bluffing skills are mastered over many years and some would even say an ability to act is a great addition to a poker player’s attributes!

Every top player needs to have a good discipline skill. Whilst it’s easy to get carried away when you’re winning every hand and nothing can go wrong, it often does. And being cocky and careless with your poker hands will only make this occurrence more likely.

So whilst an element of luck does come into proceedings – such as which cards you receive etc., it is up to the player to utilise their skills combined with their hand to win.

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