Playing Tight Aggressive Poker

Playing tight aggressive poker is a strong tactic to take on when playing online poker, it requires a certain level of confidence and guile, but can be extremely rewarding. By being an aggressive player, you set the tone for the game and can easily influence the action throughout the poker match.

So what exactly is aggressive poker play? For starters, it is should not be confused with gung-ho play. Aggressive does not mean betting every hand, or always staying in a hand to the end. In fact if you are going to be aggressive, you would not play as many hands as most of your opponents. Being aggressive means that rather than calling, you would raise, rather than checking, you would bet, and when you bet, bet more than the token minimum bet allowed. When playing aggressive you will be wagering more chips so it’s important to pick carefully when deciding which hand to play.

An example of aggressive play could be taking advantage when players are playing cautiously after the flop. If you notice after the flop a spate of checks, take advantage by raising significantly and either force your opponents into matching your bet or folding and letting you take the substantial cash pot!

By playing cautiously – think check after check – you allow your opponents to control you. Take the aggressive stance and you’ll have more control and ultimately a huge chance of taking home all the chips!

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