Playing Big Pots

There comes a time in every poker game when the future of the game and the future of players can be decided. This occurs when it is necessary to play big pots. Full of adrenaline and tension, playing big pots is often the pinnacle of any online poker game.

The benefit of building a big pot means you have the power to influence the game how you see fit. For instance, throwing 10 times the amount of chips into a current cash pot will generally mean you will take it all; thus, the power of a big pot. A big pot is useful for bluffing, for extracting the most out of a good hand and for a powerful influence over the game in general.

When presented with a big hand, obviously if you are confident you have a hand that will win at showdown; you would like to bet as much as you reasonably can on the river. The bigger the pot, the easier this will be.

Likewise, it's easier to carry out a big bluff with a big pot. If there is a smallish amount in the pot, a bet of 200 chips or more is ridiculous and one much less than that may not scare anybody. If there is already 300 chips in the pot, you can bet 300 chips and potentially get someone off a hand.

Big pots, and learning how to play them, are the key to issuing your power over a game.

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