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Playing online poker is a great diversion for anyone interested in the game. There are those that play it for pure enjoyment and those that play it as a way to try and win some extra money. There are even those that play online poker and think of it as a part time job. One rule that every type of online poker player should adhere to though is avoid chatting with the other players in the game.

Why Online Poker Players Shouldn't Chat With Opposing Players

When someone playing online poker uses the chat window to communicate with the other players, they are setting themselves up to be distracted from the play of the game. Most conversations that take place in the chat window of an online poker site end up being heated discussions and little more than name calling. Joining the crowd in this type of behaviour makes it difficult for the player to keep their mind on all of the decisions that have to be made during a game of poker. Participating in this type of conversation can also lead a poker player to become personally involved and start making decisions based on their personal feelings towards other players instead of making those decisions based on odds, table position and betting patterns.

Participating in the conversation in the chat window of an online poker room can lead to another problem too. Based on when a player comments and what they say, other players in the poker room may get a hint as to when that player's hands are strong or weak. Some players may comment in the chat window regarding the strength of their hand only when they are bluffing. Other players may comment in the chat window only when they want another player to call or raise them. It doesn't take too long for an experienced poker player to pick up on these type of online 'tells' and use them to their advantage.

Due to the ease of being distracted or the possibility of tipping off other players as to how strong or weak their hand is, it is best if most players playing online poker do not use the chat window to communicate with the players they are playing against. In fact, there is no positive result that can come from chatting with opposing players in an online poker game. That alone should be reason enough for any poker player hoping to be successful in online poker to stay away from participating in the poker chat window of an online poker room.

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